Soil Testing

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Learn why you need to test your soil. The benefits of using a soil test. The different types of  soil testing services and labs.

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Take a Soil Sample

Ready to take a soil sample? Learn how and where to take a soil sample. Learn tips if you are going to build a soil for container growing or growing nutrient dense plants in raised beds.

Soil Test Analysis

We are just as excited as you! Now that you have your soil test back, What now?

Send us the test result and we can offer the amounts of organic inputs needed for your farm.

Submit your soil test for a recommendation.

Organic Amendments

Now you got a recommendation based on your soil test. What now? Learn where to get the organic amendments and how to evenly integrate them into your soil.

You can purchase a custom mix based on your soil test or if your more of a do it yourself type, we offer all the individual organic approved nutrients for your soil.

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